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Registration Form (INDEPENDENT)
Singapore Registration Deadline: 15 May 2023
​新加坡报名截止日期 : 2023年5月15日
Singapore Competition Date : 20 - 23 July 2023  
新加坡比赛日期 : 2023年7月20-23日

​[Note: Competition registration fees include
semi-finals round + 1 class (of genre entered).
An additional finals fee of S$100.00 is payable
upon announcement of semi-finals results.  
进入决赛的参赛者需额外支付 S$100.00的决赛费用。]

Gender 性别
Age category (by year of birth) 组别 (以2023年为标准)
Genre (competitors Youth 1 (11 years old) & above can register in either one or both genres) 舞种 (Youth 1 (11岁) 及以上选手可任选一个舞种或同时报名两个舞种)
Competition registration fees [Note: Scholarship fees are applicable for participants who received scholarships at SDA events in 2022. 报名费 (S$ 新币) 奖学金报名费适用于在 2022 SDA 活动中获得奖学金的参赛者。]

Thank you for registering for IBGP Singapore.

Please check your email for registration confirmation.


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