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IBGPS 2021 Registration Form​ 报名表格


  • IBGPS 2020 participants need not fill in this online form, kindly email us at reg@ibgpsingapore.com for discounted registration fees.

  • 2020年的参赛选手享有今年比赛费用折扣,你无需填写以下报名表格,请电邮至reg@ibgpsingapore.com报名。

  • For bulk registration, please download the registration form here.

  • 团体注册请点击此处下载“2021年团体报名表格”,请把填写完整的表格电邮至reg@ibgpsingapore.com.

Gender 性别
Age Category (age as of 31 May 2021) 组别 (以2021年5月31日为准)
Select Competition Genre (candidates 11 & above can enroll in either one or both genres) 比赛舞种 (11岁及以上选手可任选一个舞种或同时报名两个舞种)
Competition Registration Fee 比赛报名费

Thank you for your registration! 谢谢您的报名!