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泰国 2023年10月12日至10月15日
新加坡 2023年11月28日至12月2日

网赛 2023年10月20日至10月30日


  • Best Overseas School 

  • Best Local School 


*Schools with the highest average score with 10 or more submissions showing the most well-rounded level, all genres are allowed, including solo and at least one duo/ trio, or one Ensemble/Group item

  • Outstanding Choreography Award

  • Outstanding Teacher Award

*Awarded separately per genre


  • YAF Grand Award: overall highest score

  • Grand Ballet Solo Award 

  • Grand Contemporary Solo Award

  • Grand Cultural Dance Award

  • Grand Jazz/Lyrical Solo Award 

  • Grand Any Genre Solo Award 

  • Grand Duo/Trio Award

  • Grand Ensemble/Group Award

  • Gold: scored 90 and above

  • Silver:  scored 80 and above

  • Bronze: scored 70 and above

  • Potential award: For participants that show the ability to develop further 

  • Encouragement award: For participants that show confidence in their performance

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