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About Singapore Dance Alliance

Singapore Dance Alliance (SDA) is a non-profit organization formed by a team comprising of influential leaders of the dance industry in Singapore, who share the same passion, aspiration and dreams of contributing their years of experience in the field to the dance scene in Singapore. SDA was founded with the aim to develop more awareness and appreciation of dance in Singaporeans, as well as to contribute to support the “eco-system” of the dance scene in Singapore through various events and activities.


新加坡舞蹈联盟(SDA)是由新加坡舞蹈界有影响力的领导者创办的非营利机构。, SDA的成立旨在通过主办各种活动支持和推动国际舞蹈界之间的交流互进,同时提高大家对舞蹈的认识程度和欣赏水平,并积极参与其中。

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