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  1. We celebrate the distinctiveness of dance and the role it can play in enriching the lives of everyone.

  2. We embrace a broad range of dance and dance related activities to suit and engage as many Singaporeans as possible.

  3. We are committed to creating space where dancers can boldly pursue their passion and interest in dance and receive recognition for their dedication and efforts towards cultivating this art form.

  1. 我们庆祝舞蹈的独特性, 陶冶和丰富所有人的生活。

  2. 我们提供多元化舞蹈相关活动,支持不同舞种的发展,吸引和丰富更多人的生活。

  3. 我们致力于创造一个让舞者追求热爱,兴趣和发展的平台,并为他们提供一个挥洒激情,展示自我和得到认同的舞台。

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